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Website & General Update (April 2024)

Posted by anthony on March 25th 2024 at 12:39pm


Welcome to the new and improved website! I have rewritten pretty much everything and made it easier to maintain! Yay!

The site's blog has been pretty lacking, so I'll take this chance to talk about anything that comes to mind.

Where have I been?

Uhhhhh, I've been... doing... nothing really, or atleast nothing meant for public viewing. I do a bunch of stuff offline, whether that be art, making music, coding silly little things or just playing games but none of it is really polished enough for me to want to put it out for the world to see, even if it's just like 2 people.

But I have a lot of unshared stuff that I'd hate to just rot on my PC, so I'll fall into the temptation and give you something.

Here's a stupid little creature and a song I made a while back:

A gray cat-like creature with a red scarf. It has a smug expression.

(I might eventually make a custom audio player to fit with the theme of the website)

Website design

Around July of 2023 I wanted to switch up the layout of the website. While I still think the original design concept was nice (pictured below), I feel as if it had lost it's charm after all of the updates.

First prototype of the pre-redesign website.

This was my first prototype for a layout change:

Prototype layout change of the pre-rewrite website

I was trying not to stray too far away from the original design, just kind of freshen things up. But it was just a prototype and I decided against it.

Toying with the layout made me realize just how painful the code was to modify, so I decided to go all out and completely rewrite the source code.

Brand new website

I really like the look and feel of 90s websites and that was my primary source of inspiration. I wanted something that looked like it was old yet still felt modern. Neocities has some great websites that helped me shape the layout, you should definitely check them out!

This was my first draft of the new page:

First prototype of the post-rewrite website

Pretty barebones, I was still trying to nail the feeling down. Ignore the vault, we don't speak of the vault.

After some slight improvements the website redesign went on hiatus because I was lazy and I also had other priorities...

An discord screenshot of me saying 'BREAKING: local dogshit player carried to Victory by good teammates (MMR tanked) (Gone wrong)' along with an image of me getting +15rr in Bronze 3 and a screenshot of the leaderboard with an arrow pointing to me at the bottom.

The serious reason why the development took too long (me being lazy is true, the valorant thing was just a meme though) was that I'm not the best at graphic design. The reason why the website now looks so different from the original draft is because I kept changing tiny little things about it and I could never be completely satisfied with how it looks.

This year I decided to finally finish everything and I changed the design to more of a modern "glowy" theme so it fits with my profile picture and banner.

Final post-rewrite website design

We'll see how long it takes me before I change this one.

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