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Video Update (July 2023)

Posted by anthony on July 12th 2023 at 10:02pm

Hello! Welcome to yet another blog post, this one being less of a test and more of an actual post. I don't know what I should say here... Let's begin the tale of the infamous "new video soon" instead.

Chapter 1: Origin & First Draft

I'm not gonna lie, this story is kind of funny.

In February of 2022, I realized that my YouTube channel was dying. The last (serious) upload was in February of 2021 and I knew I needed to upload something if I didn't want it to rot. So, I decided to record 3 random lines and make a teaser... for nothing.

Like a week later I remember that I'm teasing absolutely nothing so I whip up a script. Nothing special, mediocre at best, in this version of the script the plot was: "Anthony wakes up in a void filled with a bunch of other Anthonies and finds out they get replaced by newer copies once they serve their purpose. Oh no!"

Anthony's 2018 design and Anthony's 2021 design standing next to each other

Yeah. Sucks. I know.

Chapter 2: Rewrite #1

Sometime after writing the script, I realize... it's ass. The script sucks.

I don't want to work on the video because the script is bad (definitely not an excuse to procrastinate more), so I'm left with no other option. I must rewrite the script. And I do exactly that! This one is quite good actually. It sets up the lore for the future videos well and has a lot of open things that can be explored further in the future. Great!

I stick with this script and the video progresses quite well actually, it gets into the animation stage pretty quick and things are going good and fast! But with time, the progress keeps slowing down, eventually reaching 0.

I lose motivation to work on the video fully. I made some mistakes at the start that made it harder to progress and it was getting tedious.

The video has hit another roadblock.

Chapter 3: Rewrite #2 Revision

Near the end of the June I went out to see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and holy. My mind was blown. In preparation for Across the Spider-Verse, I saw Into the Spider-Verse and I was just amazed. The animation and art styles were just so good and something I've never seen before that I was motivated to do this again one last time. (get it?)

So I revised the script, rerecorded the audio, and I'm currently working on the video. I'll be taking my time with it as I want to make it look as best as I can (and I don't really have many fans left over lmao...)

This video will be my way to experiment with a bunch of different stuff, and I hope others will like it when it eventually releases.

Closing thoughts

Completely unrelated to the topic but, if you have any suggestions for the blog, don't hesitate to reach out! It's still a BETA and I want to improve the experience as much as I can. Goodbye!

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