New logo!

Hey guys,

I’ve created a new logo and i gotta say it’s WAY better than my previous one, but i need some help.

Help me pick which one is better, the 2D or the 3D one? Vote now in the comments!


More Updates

Hey guys,

So about the new website redesign.

I’ve had a feeling that the old website design was created mainly for my game and because of that it didn’t fit the other content i was doing. I went for a more modern style and it looks great to me.

About the maintence that lasted 2 or 3 days. I’ve had some problems with the website and if noticed many bugs so i took down the website. And i couldn’t fix those bugs because of school. But finally the website should be working now.

I’ve also accidentally deleted half of my entire server files but luckily i was able to recover them. So if you had any problems accessing the website a couple of hours earlier you know the reason why.

I still need to do somethings like add the error documents for 404, 401…

After that the website should be fully working and basically be on version 1.0.

And still please contact me if you find any bugs on the website, i’m trying to make it run as fast, as smooth and as bug free as it can.

So thank you all

-Anthony and the Team

Important Update

Hi there,

First of all, don’t worry nothing is cancelled, nothing is getting removed.

So, i’ve decided to update the sites, impletement some APIs and other services that may improve the performance and look of the site.

I’ll code the website again from scratch and it will use a sleek new clean design that looks better than the Pixel font i currently have.

The website will be up for some time but after a while it will be on big maintence until i implement all of the new services.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me, my animations, my games and everything else i do.

And thank you so much for 95 subscribers on YouTube.


A Crazy Idea…

So, i have an idea to completely rewrite the website from scratch…

I’ll keep a backup of this website and rewrite it to see if it looks better, if it does i’m replacing it, and probably will add an archive part of the website


The day has come,

The status page is going down soon…

It wasn’t really helpful since i made a new maintence system around June and it didn’t allow the status page to be accessible.

The status page will shut down November 1st.

WordPress restored… kinda

So yeah, the WordPress database got deleted and i’m unable to recover any of the old posts, comments and anything like that.

I started fresh now and i’m keeping backups of the website for safe measures.


A big problem

Hey guys, so the WordPress page got corrupted and all of the previous posts are lost.

I’m trying to recover some of the files but for now everything is reset to default settings