A Crazy Idea…

So, i have an idea to completely rewrite the website from scratch…

I’ll keep a backup of this website and rewrite it to see if it looks better, if it does i’m replacing it, and probably will add an archive part of the website

R.I.P status.acrazytown.com

The day has come,

The status page is going down soon…

It wasn’t really helpful since i made a new maintence system around June and it didn’t allow the status page to be accessible.

The status page will shut down November 1st.

WordPress restored… kinda

So yeah, the WordPress database got deleted and i’m unable to recover any of the old posts, comments and anything like that.

I started fresh now and i’m keeping backups of the website for safe measures.


A big problem

Hey guys, so the WordPress page got corrupted and all of the previous posts are lost.

I’m trying to recover some of the files but for now everything is reset to default settings