Game Progress #2

I’m purely focusing on tilesets right now.

The script is fully finished and i’m optimizing it for the limitations of the game engine.

Tilesets are 35% done

Sprites 100%

and Music 0%…

i know i know

But i’m the only one on the team!

so the credits will basically be.

Everything – Me

Game Progress

The game is in good condition for now.

Approximately 21% of the whole game is finished

  • Tilesets – NOT FINISHED
  • Map – 7% Finished
  • Sprites – 70% finished
  • Music – 2% finished

I’m working on the game as much as i can.

Update Log

Hello everyone here’s the update log/patch notes for the latest update that occurred yesterday.

  • Removed Forum Page and replaced it with the News Page
  • Increased loading speed

That’s all for that minor update, expect more updates with more features soon!

Welcome to the News Page!

Hello visitors.

This is the new “forum” for A Crazy Town.

I discontinued the forum since it’s way easier to post updates and news this way.

I hope you all understand and i hope y’all have a great day

-The A Crazy Town Team